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Post by Raven on Tue Aug 11, 2015 9:43 am

Welcome to TOSOS! Please note that you MUST respond to this post with your username and the secret code, found somewhere in this post, before your bio will be accepted.

Double names are not allowed. If you name your primary character Jason, no other character on the site may be called Jason. Otherwise it becomes confusing to differentiate.

Unrealistic body colours are not allowed unless they can be convincingly explained in a backstory. However, eye colours can be anything within reason - you may hav any combination of natural eyes, or single-colour unnatural eyes. For example, one blue one green would be acceptable but one purple and one black would not be.

Absolutely NO GOD-MOD!!! Doing this WILL get you banned if you do not heed warnings to stop. God-mod is when you control another player's character, or magically survive a fight with no injuries while the other character gets beaten up.

If you decide to leave the forum, please place a leaving thread in the OOC board so that we have a chance to wish you well!! It means we aren't waiting on a reply in pack RP when you don't tell us and don't come back.

Do NOT double-post unless it's in the c-box. End of story. Again, if you don't heed warnings, you will be banned for this as it takes up unnecessary space. Learn how to edit posts if you want to add things.

The secret code is WINTERFELL

If ŷou wish to be advertised, please PM Raven. Do not post links anywhere on the forum or c-box, as it gets very annoying. A PM will get you linked in our sidebar so that its visible everywhere - trust me, it's far more efficient.

You can have as many characters as you'd like, but you're required to have a main character that you use for site events. Pho can also have as many as you'd like in the 'Other Species' roleplays.

Your posts must be at least 50 words long. This is to ensure that your muse carries the rest of the roleplay on - it's difficult to progress plot on a 20-word post. If you want to write >1000 that's actually encouraged!! So go wild ;)

Don't beg for ranks. It is Raven or your Alpha's decision. Minor characters may not be ranked - only main characters receive high ranks.

Your main character, once created, should be your username. This is so that others can easily tell who your main is. It just makes running and using the site far easier!

Lastly and most importantly... Have fun! If you like it, spread the word - forums grow with the players. If you have an idea for an improvement, PM Raven - if she really likes it, you could be in with a chance of becoming a mod ;)

Remember to reply with your username and the secret code, hidden somewhere up there ^^^ :)

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